Kuumba Concepts, LLC was formed in 2005 by two people, Christopher Carr and Orlando Taylor, as a company to create new original stories for comics, animated series, film, video games, and television.  The stories we create for comics will in part come from the history and folklore of various cultures and peoples across the African continent. In some cases fusing them adeptly with modern themes and events.  Our plan is to start by publishing our own properties and eventually become a place where new writers and artist fill good about housing their works under our banner.  Several years later, we are on our way to creating a company that will impact the entertainment industry.

Both influenced by a heavy dose of the Saturday morning line-up, comic books, literature, and great films, especially sci-fi.  

Chris has a background in film and is  originally from Mississippi. He won Audience Favorite Award  for his film Sick of Me, in the San Francisco Black Film Festival. He has always had an eye for great film and an imagination filled with ideas for media.

Orlando has a degree in Mathematics and is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He has is poetry publish in several local and national anthologies. But, too has always want to see his stories come alive ins various media formats. So and embarked on this journey with Chris to create stories that are very compelling and whose characters are more reflective of the growing diversity in the United States and that abroad.

Why did we start Kuumba Concepts?

There are too few characters of diversity in the various forms of print and broadcast media that have substance and longevity. Our desire is to create characters so that it  gives people in under represented communities representation, not just a positive light, but tells stories relate-able to their cultural perspectives.

Our Ideas…

The characters and stories are genuine, and reflect a greater diversity of the US society and the world at large.

Our Brand ...

We have been working hard to create a brand of that speaks to quality, authenticity, and originality.

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